Dave Jardine

Dave Jardine is an independent Ving Tsun instructor living in Australia.
Dave previously trained and subsequently taught within the Barry Lee Ving Tsun Martial Arts Academy from 1991 to mid 2012.
Initially, Dave trained with Sifu Bill Dowding from 1991 to 2005, when Bill moved to China. Also Dave attended numerous workshops with Sifu Barry Lee over this period. Dave was running classes in Bill’s school from 2004 to the end of 2006.
Upon Bill’s departure, Dave trained with Sifu Fu-Shan Yang, Sifu Barry Lee’s Australian representative, from January 2006 to mid 2012, teaching independently under Fu from January 2007.

Dave has been actively and intensively exploring Ving Tsun through teaching and training since early 2008, teaching small groups 25 hours per week as a fully independent instructor since June 2012.
The methodology has been that of Wong Shun Leung.. scientific, in that everything is tested. Anything we have identified that has needed refining has been improved. Anything we found that does not work has been removed. In some instances, it has simply been a matter of being inclusive.. rather than choosing one or another of two great ideas that suit different circumstances, we have included both.
In this understanding, Ving Tsun is a process of improvement through observation, thinking, testing, practicing and understanding in a never-ending cycle.
Everyone who trains with us has a voice, the opportunity to contribute to the system as we practice it.. even on their first day of training.
Skepticism is most welcome, as this attitude forces clarity in the system and the teaching.
It is necessary to be open to change, though change is only allowed when necessary.
Any change must satisfy the criterion of becoming more simple, direct, efficient, economical and arguably most important of all, more effective.
Change has most definitely occurred, and we are very happy with the results to date.
What is being practiced can no longer be called Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun, or Barry Lee Ving Tsun for that matter, so although it is still very closely tied with it’s roots, this can now only really be called Dave Jardine Ving Tsun. The students, as they go on to teach, can call their Ving Tsun whatever they choose. That’s their business. From the work that has been done so far, the way for them will be forward.. there’s no going back.

Once we are immersed in the process, Ving Tsun itself has become the teacher.

Dave’s Ving Tsun training/teaching commitment is now over 29,000 hours to February 2019.
This amount of time is a good thing to note, though of course we recognise that the quality of training is always much more important and relevant than the quantity.

Video clips demonstrating our Ving Tsun can be seen via the YouTube link below.

Contact Dave via email davejardinevingtsun@gmail.com