The following articles are not intended to be an in-depth walk-through of the forms, or a description movement by movement of any of the training which could be followed by someone intending to learn.. though it could end up looking like that. There is plenty such material out there already, and some excellent teaching DVDs available online.

A certain level of Ving Tsun understanding is assumed, though I am hoping anyone could read this and learn something.
The articles are merely to share a little of the way we train, and give some detailed information regarding some of the movements which can be seen in the YouTube material linked to this website.

There isn’t much point in defining what these articles are, as the outcome is undefined. The articles, along with all the other Ving Tsun material will be in a process of continual reappraisal and improvement. This is all just written off the top of my head, with no reference to notes, books, whatever.. though there may be documents from our school inserted here and there.

Nothing on this website is intended to replace the transmission from teacher to student, which is always best done in person. This material is intended to supplement the student’s learning, to offer memory assistance or even to bring to light something which may have been missed, and the student can then bring to the attention of the instructor.
If you are training in a different school and have different methods, you may find some of this material interesting nonetheless. Just be aware that when it is stated that things must be performed a certain way, this relates only to those training this particular method which works as a whole. Ving Tsun Kuen is a massive system, so big that there may be different ways of doing things, quite different methods, that are completely valid and practical within their whole, while between schools there may be apparent contradictions. Everything contained here relates directly only to Dave Jardine Ving Tsun, and the whole that we have developed to date. Most of the sources will be readily recognised by those familiar with the WSL lineage, as will the innovations and differences. So when it is stated that it must be so, perhaps you could look at why we insist on this in our method, and look at why you may be doing it otherwise.
It’s all interesting, and productive to look at with an enquiring mind, not so much with a reactive mind which judges and rejects on reflex.

When teaching any part of the system which has changed through our work, I always teach the way that I was taught and why I am doing it differently. The student is given the freedom to choose between the options, but none have so far chosen to do other than the way it has been developed. Similarly, if a student offers a better way of doing or understanding something and it tests as an improvement, satisfying all criterion of development, I will choose to take up that way of working and have done so. Most every student training with me has contributed to the system in some way. This way everyone has ownership of their Ving Tsun, and it promotes a very productive learning environment. The kwoon becomes a laboratory, and everything is put under the microscope. These articles outline, as much as is possible via this medium, the findings from our lab.

There is no attachment to how these offerings are received, feedback and discussion is welcome on any issue via the email address linked to this website.

The material contained in these articles and on this website, in my whole VT understanding, only relates to my roots in the same way the ripples affect the reflection in a pool when a fish has jumped clear and splashed back in.

My aim is to offer information which some may find an inspiration, or which may provoke some thought or discussion which may contribute in some way to the development of this awesome system, Ving Tsun Kuen.. and of course it’s all for my own learning too.

Dave Jardine


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