Barry Lee Ving Tsun Martial Arts Academy WSL VT in Australia, links to schools in UK, China and Europe

Gary Lam Wing Chun WSL line in California and branches worldwide

Pure Ving Tsun Jerry Yeung, Mark Wong and John Wong teaching WSLVT in Hong Kong and branches worldwide

Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun WSL line in Hong Kong and branches worldwide

Cliff Au-Yeung WSL VT in Hong Kong

Greg LeBlanc Wing Chun Trained under Gary Lam, WSL line in California

Clive Potter Ving Tsun UK based teacher of WSL VT

Nino Bernardo Wing Chun WSL line Europe and UK, website run by students who trained at The Basement, London

Philipp Bayer WSL VT in Europe

Ving Tsun Australia Nick Jansen and Paul Otis teaching WSL VT south of Sydney Australia

WSLVT Chinese Boxing Club Enzo Verratti, WSLVT, Melbourne Australia

Wing Chun Federation Alan Gibson, WSL line in the UK

Yuen Yim Keung WSL VT in Hong Kong

Wang Zhi Peng and Jai Harman, WSL VT in Beijing

Ving Tsun Athletic Association Hong Kong based Ving Tsun organisation

Duncan Leung Wing Chun Direct Yip Man student, retired now but good schools worldwide

Hawkins Cheung Direct Yip Man student, teaches in LA

The Dragon Institute Adam Williss in California

Ving Tsun Combat Science Darren Elvey, WSLVT, Melbourne Australia

Applied Body Mechanics Ving Tsun Ernie Barrios, WSL VT, senior student of Gary Lam, teaches worldwide

Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Combat Science Malaysia David Peterson WSLVT

Centre to Centre The Ving Tsun Clinic of Bill Dowding, senior student of Barry Lee, WSL VT

The Wing Chun Archive Books, DVDs, etc

Cranes Productions Supplies Wing Chun DVD and equipment

Tribal Dummies Wooden dummy and pole maker in Brisbane Australia

Iron Edge Kettlebells Kettlebell suppliers in Australia

Everything Wing Chun Suppliers of Wing Chun equipment, DVDs, etc

Iron Lord Forge Wayne Saunders, blacksmith and knife maker, supplies our butterfly swords

Snake Vs Crane Wing Chun Steve Moody, Wing Chun researcher, excellent general Wing Chun info


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