Punching Out

A great way to finish a class as a cool-down before stretching out is to do some punching drills and with some follow-up moves. We stand in a circle facing in, and everyone has a turn choosing some drill to train, doing it 10 times each side and then on to the next person. We often go around the circle a number of times, and the exercise can take up to 20 minutes.
This ensures our striking training is practiced every session, which is usually taken up with learning and developing the forms and chi sau material etc. There is a bit of video material to demonstrate these drills on the YouTube channel linked to this website.
Here’s a list of the drills.

– singles, doubles, triples 4, 5, .. 10, by number and descending

– doubles from the front hand

– doubles, same hand

– quickdraw

– form punches

– punch palm punch

– tan punch with pivot

– gan punch with pivot

– pak punch with step

– tan punch with step and finish

– jum sau punch same hand, step punch

– gan sau punch, next step punch

– huen punch punch, jut palm, finish

– wrist jut punch, palm with step

– bong punch, same hand

– bong, lap punch

– bong, tan punch with pivot

– high mid low

– punch with front hand, jut punch same hand, punch

– four corner blocking: tan punch, tan punch, gan punch, gan punch

– quan sau, palm with step, chop and palm with step

– stepping in out, out in, one step one punch, one minute each side



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