“In 2002, I began Ving Tsun training in the Ving Tsun Centre, Mayfield, NSW, where Dave was an instructor, and continued until the kwoon closed in December 2006.  I continued training under Dave’s instruction, as a branch of the Fu Yang Academy, from 2007 until mid-July 2012.  Both of these schools operated as branches of the Barry Lee Ving Tsun Martial Arts Academy.  Dave became an independent instructor in mid-2012, and I have continued my training under his instruction.
I have found that Dave’s methodical, scientific approach to analysing and understanding Ving Tsun, based on his continued research into physiology and biomechanics, coupled with his careful and patient teaching, has provided me with a significant development of my VingTsun.  I find that each training session under Dave’s instruction opens up new insights, and consolidates the understanding and practice of my Ving Tsun.  I believe that the quality of Ving Tsun training that Dave provides at is steadily increasing, and I look forward to exploring deeper into the Ving Tsun system.” Ken L

“I have been training with David Jardine learning Ving Tsun for a little over a year now.
Before meeting David, I had been training for two months with a local kung-fu instructor and have had no other previous martial arts experience.   David taught me more in my first lesson than I had learned from 8 sessions with the previous instructor.  He also spent more time with me in that first lesson than the previous instructor had over those two months.
After one year of training with David, I definitely have more confidence in my ability to be able to defend/ attack if confronted. Even though I have learned much in 12 months, I am very conscious of how much more there is to learn and a lifetime will not be long enough.  I am also aware that David is teaching me at an accelerated rate and still, I will be studying Ving Tsun for as long as my mind and body are capable.
I have been lucky enough to have had exposure to some great teachers and coaches both professionally and personally.  David is up there with the best of them; he is patient, he is a good listener and he has the ability to be able to explain complex ideas and concepts in simple terms. He is good at explaining stuff so that you ‘get it’ and if you do not at first, he is patient enough to explain it from a different perspective until you do.
I am very grateful to be able to work with David learning Ving Tsun and I hope to be able to train with him for a long time to come.   I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is serious about learning or developing their Ving Tsun.” Paul B

“I have been training ving tsun with David Jardine since October 2009 and have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of his teaching, its development of my understanding of ving tsun and my personal results while training at his school. David Jardine has applied his study of biomechanics to the ving tsun system to develop his and his students understanding to great depth and this understanding has resulted in the production of strong effective ving tsun. I will be continuing to train my ving tsun with David Jardine for the foreseeable future as I believe this is the best ving tsun training that I could hope to find.” Patrick M

“I have currently been training with Dave Jardine from March 2012 to current. I have previously trained in Ving Tsun for approximately four years.
Dave Jardines training excels in his attention to detail. The emphasise on correct technique and his understanding of the Ving Tsun system as a whole has to date been invaluable. Dave is extremely approachable and his drive to develop his own and his students’ ving tsun is evident in the standard of ving tsun being trained.
Over the short period I have trained with Dave I believe that my understanding of the system has evolved exponentially. I have a new found excitement to train and look forward to further development in ving tsun.
Daves commitment to his students is unsurpassed and methods, skills in teaching and ability to pass on knowledge is something that is rare not only in ving tsun, but martial arts as a whole.
I believe that over the coming years and into the future that Dave Jardine will become a familiar name through out ving tsun society. The level of ving tsun being trained will continue to be held in high regard as one of the best training methods available.
I look forward to a life time of training and excelling in ving tsun under the instruction of Dave Jardine.” Cameron M

“Dave, I hope your family is well and thankful for your effort and foresight to relocate.
I am very grateful for the experience you gave me in your school at Lake Macquarie.
It renewed and rejuvenated my search to continue forward with martial arts.
It will be interesting to hear where you are taking your Wing Chun.” Simon K

“I have been training with Dave Jardine for approximately 18 months.
In that time I have loved every minute of my Ving Tsun training due to Dave’s genuine passion and understanding of the Ving Tsun system.
From Dave’s professional and clear direction of his training I have been able to train at very high level of Ving Tsun and have progressed through the Ving Tsun system with a very clear understanding.
Thanks to Dave Jardine’s unique, passionate, highly effective training technique, Ving Tsun will be a part of my life forever.” Jaime B

“I met Dave Jardine at another Ving Tusn school quite a few years ago. I was new to the school and had not previously practiced any martial arts prior to this. Unfortunately, shortly after starting my training, the school closed down.
This resulted in me sourcing Dave in an effort to pursue my desire to train, not aware of the good fortune that I had stumbled upon. Not realizing at the time that the closing of the other school had started me on an incredible journey with what is now a very dynamic and enjoyable training environment.
I have found it difficult due to work and family commitments to maintain consistency with my training but to Dave’s credit he has not given up on me and I feel I have learnt more about ving tsun and progressed further through the system in the last 7 months than during any of my prior training.
There is no debating Dave’s ving tsun ability, experience and understanding of the system. It is obvious that he has spent many thousands of hours researching information and then countless more testing the findings and validating its place within the system.
Not only is he well practiced but he is also a very good teacher. His teaching methodology is very much suited to my style of learning, as he is very encouraging, patient and clear in his demonstrations and always supplements new information with excellent explanations and practical applications.
The benefits I am getting from Dave and this training group are far beyond my initial expectations and I feel very privileged to be part of this very dynamic school.
I often tell Dave that I feel as though I am ripping him off when I pay my fees because the training he is providing me is PRICELESS!” Paul L


2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Looks like you’ve put a lot of work in here Dave. Good luck and I hope your training keeps improving . Always interested what happens next. Cam

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