Ving Tsun Kuen Terminology

This is the terminology we use in our school. The way I was taught there was not much terminology used. It was much more important to know how things work than to have a name for the movement. Besides, I was given to understand that Yip Man did not use many names for the movements and that a lot of these names have been created since then. Even of all these terms listed, we only use just over a dozen of the Chinese terms regularly in class. Some schools virtually insist on learning the Chinese language they are using so many terms, and of course there is nothing wrong with this especially when the student has a particular interest in terminology, Chinese language or culture, but I see this as totally unnecessary with regard to developing a deep and thorough understanding of VTK. Studying biomechanics is of far greater value.. or simply training.


Baat Jam Do  =  Knives

Biu Ji =  Third Form

Bong Sau  =  Rolling Block


Chum Kiu  =  2nd Form

Dan Chi  =   Single Hand Elementary Chi Sau Exercise

Chi Gerk  =  Chi Sau Leg-work

Chi Sau =  Chi Sau


Double Dan Chi = Two Hand Elementary Chi Sau Exercise


Fak Sau  =  Whisking Arm/Side Chop

Fook Sau  =  Bridge On Arm


Gan Sau  =  Splitting Block/Low Block

Gun Sau = Sinking Punch


Huen Sau  =  Circling Hand


Jong  =  Dummy

Jum Sau  =  Sinking Elbow Block

Jut Sau  =  Jerking Hand


Kuen  =  Fist/Fist-Fighting


Lan Sau  =  Bar Arm

Lap Sau  =  Pulling/Deflecting Arm

Luk Dim Boon Quan  =  Six & a Half Point Pole = Pole


Man Sau  =  Inquisitive Hand

Mook Yan Jong  =  Wooden Dummy


Pak Sau  =  Palm Block

Poon Sau = Rolling


Quan Sau  =  Rolling/Rotating Block, Bong/Tan Combination


Shifting = Turning/Adjusting Position

Siu Lim Tao  =  First Form

Sifu = Teacher

Stepping = Advancing/Retreating Partner Training


Tan Sau  =  Palm Up Block

Tok Sau  =  Elbow Lifting Hand/Supporting

Trapping = Controlling/Escaping Elementary Chi Sau Exercises


Ving Tsun = Everlasting Springtime, Constant Renewal


Wu Sau  =  Warding Arm/Rear Guard


Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma  =  Basic Training Stance


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