Warm Up and Cool Down

Body conditioning sessions make for a great warm-up to get a training started, and cool-down to leave the kwoon feeling relaxed and ready for anything.
The exercises are designed to supplement the training with either strength, range of motion/flexibility, stamina/endurance and cardio fitness.
We use a couple of body conditioning formats which we alternate between sessions. This minimises the time spent on warm-up in the session, which is best spent on developing the actual VTK skillset, yet develops good fitness to support the training.
The strength exercises we do at the start of class before Siu Lim Tao, the stretches at the end after punching out.

There will soon be video demonstrations of these exercises on the YouTube channel linked to this website. Some of these exercises will be familiar, some will need further explanation.

Here are the two lists of exercises.

Body Conditioning 1

Core Stength

Horse stance; arms shoulder height, flipping hands, arm swinging

Bird-Dog (Back & hip extensors, raise one arm and opposite leg)

Push-ups: hands together, elbows in 10

Push-ups: plyometric w/handclap 20

Front Bridge (Overall core strength)

Side Bridges (Obliques)

Supine Bridge (Gluteals, on back w/knees raised, pushing waist up)

Curl position and hold, crunches (Rectus abdominus)

Vacuum (Transverse abdominus)


Neck flexors, extensors, lateral flexors and rotators

Shoulder stretches: hold arm across body; elbows to centre; hold elbow up; arm up behind back; pronate/supinate arms; bon sau stretch; pec stretch with hand on wall

Wrist extensors, flexors, wu sau (pulling fingers back)

Hip flexors (pulling foot up behind)

Ankle plantarflexors (hands on wall, push waist forward)

Soleus (hands on wall, sink knee downward)

Knee flexors (sit, one foot in groin, other leg straight, reach towards foot)

Hip extensors (lay on back, pull knee to chin, then with straight leg)

Hip rotators (lay on back, pull one knee up, w/opp foot crossed above knee)

Trunk flexors/extensors (Cat/Camel, then on back, pull knee up and across)

Caution: If in doubt about any exercise, ask and clarify before proceeding.

Body Conditioning 2


Jumping on the spot   20 sec

Kneeraises to chest 30, to shoulder 20

Squats 20

Crunches 50

Curl-ups 20

Sit-ups 20

Triceps dips 20

Stand-ups 5

Sun Asanas

Back-forward-back, cross-behind-cross 20 sec

Arm swinging 20 sec

Punches light and loose 50


Neck stretches

Forearm stretches

Shoulder stretches

Left leg out and down

Elbows, feet, behind

Bend over sideways stretches, each side for obliques

Lean over backwards

Caution: If in doubt about any exercise, ask and clarify before proceeding.


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